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Valid from 14/06/2015

This directive explains in details how this web site use Cookies as well as files cookie-type and technologies on its web sites, for instance the Local Shared Objects, also known as "Flash Cookies", the Web beacon, etc. We generally refer to such as “Cookies”. If you visit our web site and your browser settings accept Cookies, the use of our Cookies is considered accepted.

We ask you to note that we cannot offer our Web Site and our Services without sending some of our Cookies to your devise. Therefore, You authorize us to use them when you use our Web Site and Our Services.

In order to make our web site easier and more intuitive, we make use of Cookies. We use the data we collect thanks to Cookies to make the navigation experience more pleasant and more efficient in the future.

Cookies do not record any personal information of a user and possible identifiable data will not be recorded. If you wish to disable the use of Cookies, it is necessary to personalize the settings of your computer and set the cancellation of all Cookies or activating a warning message when a Cookies are recorded. To proceed without modifying the application of cookie, just continue with the navigation.

Visit for further information on Cookies and on how they influence your navigation experience.


A cookie is a small file that is sent and recorded in your computer by the web site you visit. Cookies are recorded in the directory of files in your browser. The next time you visit the web site, your browser will read the cookie and it will re-send the information to the web site or to the entity that originally created the cookie. To know more about these technologies and how they work, visit, for instance, the web site

By means of Cookies, it is possible to record, in a semi-permanent way, information on your preference and on other technical data that allow for an easier navigation as well as an easier use.
For instance, Cookies can be used to determine whether a connection between your computer and our web site was earlier made; this way it is possible to highlight news or keep “log-in” information.
On the basis of the different functions performed, Cookies can be divided in:

Technical Cookies
Analytics Cookies
Profile Cookies

Technical Cookies are those that are necessary only to allow to visit and use a Web Site. Technical Cookies are not used for other purposes and they are directly installed by the web site’s administrator. They can further be divided in: navigation Cookies that guarantee the regular navigation and use of the web site, allowing, for instance, for a purchase or for authentication to get access to a reserved area; they are session Cookies that are automatically cancelled when closing the navigation browser. Function Cookies that allow for navigation with relation to a series of selected rules (for instance, language or country) in order to improve the service offered by the web site. They are persistent Cookies that remain in the computer in use even after closing the navigation browser and until the determined expiring date for each cookie or until a manual cancellation is made. As in compliance with the current privacy policy, installation of such Cookies do not require any consent.

Analytics Cookies are used to collect statistic information, in aggregated form or not, on the number of users who enter the Web Site and on how they visit the same Web Site. As in compliance with the current privacy policy, installation of analytics Cookies by third parties requires a previous consent.

Profile Cookies are used to create a user’s profile, based on the preference and taste manifested during navigation on internet, and to show advertisement messages coherent to the profile. As in compliance with the current privacy policy, installation of analytics Cookies by third parties requires a previous consent.

Third Party Cookies are created by and subjected to domains external to our web site and they are the real objective of this directive. Advertisers and other subjects use their Cookies to collect information on your activities or on advertisements you may click on. Such information may be used by them with the purpose of proposing advertisements they believe to be more interesting to you. Advertisers may also use such information to measure the efficiency of their advertisement campaigns. We do not have control of such Cookies.

Session Cookies are essential to allow for safe and efficient exploration of the web site (Essential Cookies). They disappear when you close the browser and their relative associated data are cancelled from the system within one hour. For such typology of Cookies, it is not necessary to have a previous consent from the user since they are subjected to and readable by the domain that has created them.

Domain Cookies have the purpose of recognizing the registered user when he/she returns to visit the website after authentication of his/her personal credentials. For instance, they allow adding to trolley, to carry out the payment operations, to solve problems related to safety and to guarantee the compliance with the current directive. Such Cookies belongs to the group of Session, since user and password are never recorded by our web site after you leave it and it is always necessary to input user and password again each time you wish to get access to the web site.


Cookies that are present on the web site are technical and analitycs. Third Party Profile Cookies may also be present.
Session Cookies used in this web site avoid the use of other technologies that could compromise the privacy of the users and they do not allow the acquisition of personal identification data.
For your guarantee, only the cookie recorded in your computer is identified.

The period of time the collected information is held depends on the type of Cookie. Session Cookies expires when you close the browser. Persistent Cookies, including Local Shared Objects “Flash Cookies”, usually have expiring dates from two months to two years.

How to disable Cookies
Most of internet browser are initially set to allow to automatically accept Cookies. That means you have, at any time, the choice of setting your browser to allow to accept all Cookies, only some of them or to reject them by disabling their use by the websites. Furthermore, you can normally set the preference of your browser in order to be warned each time a Cookie is recorded in your computer. Finally, after each navigation session, you can cancel from the hard disk of your device the collected Cookies. If you wish to eliminate the installed Cookies from the Cookie Directory of the browser you use, we remind you that each browser has different procedure to manage its settings.

You can find information on how to manage Cookies in your browser at the following addresses:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Windows Explorer

Furthermore, if you do not wish to receive Google Analytics Cookies, you can visit the page:

Alternatively, it is possible to disable only the Google Analytics Cookies, by using the added component of opt-out provided by Google for the main browser.


Cookies of this Web are installed by third parties who work as independent owner of the processing.
When entering the Web Site, it is shown a suitable banner informing that on the Web Site Third Party Cookies are used and that, closing the banner, you allow for the use of Cookies.
A track of your possible consent for installation of such Cookies is kept through a suitable Technical Cookie. In this way, in your following visits to the Web Site, the Cookies Banner will not be shown.
If you wish to eliminate this Technical Cookie from your browser, following the procedures as set out in the next paragraph, the track of your consent will be lost and thus, during your next visit to the Web Site, the Cookie Banner will appear again.
Of course and at any time, you are free to stop the installation of Cookies, without compromising, even partly, your visit of the Web Site and using its contents.

Other personal data
In some points of this Web Site, You have the faculty of transmitting some personal data (eg. information request form).
Sending such data is facultative, explicit and deliberate and it involves the consequent acquisition of the input personal data for the purpose of the service or of any other purpose, you may have allowed for.
No data You transmit through these areas will be recorder nor saved by us, in fact, we only keep the information related to the mail You deliberately sent us by means of the Contact form.
No data you transmit, however, will be spread, but we may use it with the purpose of contacting you for communication and/or news on our commercial activities.

We reserve the right to modify this Cookies Policy, totally or partly, at our discretion. All modifications will be effective just after their updated publication on the Policy Web Site. The last update was made on 14 June 2015. The use of the Web Site or its Services after the modifications of the present Policy involves the acceptance of such modifications. If you do not entirely or partly agree with the terms of the present Cookies Policy, you have to interrupt using the Web Site and the Services we offer.